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Free conflict resolution papers, essays, and research papers.

Society, according to the social conflict approach, is not harmonious. It's not stable. Society doesn't generate harmonious equilibrium. In fact, it's rife with inequality. So this approach is really all about analyzing inequalities of race, class, gender, and ethnicity, and the social conflicts which result. Primarily, these conflicts are going to result in change, changes that will move society.

Free conflict resolution papers, essays, and research papers.

Moreover, Critical theory is also used to study how education is dealt with using information technology and it also concentrates on social relationships that are social, political and economic.

Free conflict resolution papers, essays, and research papers.

Keywords: conflicts, CSR, Niger Delta, oil companies, stakeholder’s theory

Both perspectives agree that the educational system provides society with certain functions, but they disagree about the purpose of these functions and more importantly who benefits from them.

So what Weber did was he gave us this idea that groups were constantly vying for social honor, prestige, and power, and once a group of people got that, they did it all they could to push everybody else away and sequester themselves, isolate themselves, and secure and hold on to that power. So again, although we moved beyond class conflict being defined by property like Marx had, this is still a very fundamentally conflict-based view of society. And that's why we're lumping in Max Weber into this approach.

Development and Conflict Theory | Beyond Intractability

These perspectives are the functionalist, conflict and interactionist perspective.

In fact, the inhabitants of the region have been subjected to untold hardship through oil pollution, environmental degradation, and the destruction of both the entire environment and the local populations sources of livelihood (Oviasuyi and Uwadiae, 2010,p.110; Okolie-Osemene, 2015; Adams, 2014; Aghalino, 2012; Aghalino, 2011; Aghalino, 2009; Arinze 2010; Aghalino and Okolie-Osemene, 2014; Evoh, 2009). This is one of the drivers of the conflict because land is a resource that means a lot to the people. According to Aghalino (2011, p.6 ) the need for and occupation of land by the oil companies which construct flow lines, flow stations and other oil installations is the main driver of acrimony between the oil companies, the government and host the communities. This is due to the socio-cultural significance of land in such communities where some corporate practices clash with the traditional beliefs of the people.

So you see in the news in 2012, for instance, about Apple getting in trouble for not paying its store employees enough and for exploiting its workers in China, in the factories. And recall from the '90s, Nike got in a lot of trouble for this, too, with their sweat shops. So this is how Marx saw class conflict and capitalism as fundamentally exploitative. And for him, such a corrosive, conflict-ridden society would inevitably come apart and lead to a revolution where the laborers would challenge the capitalists.

Include in your discussion 2 specific examples to support the conflict view.
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Chung discuss how violent conflict relates to education

However, the Nigerian federal system has been very problematic right from its inception. There has been a trend whereby the federal government tends to favour the section of Nigeria that produces the head of the government in every administration (this has been one of the sources of conflict in the region). It was towards solving the problem of ethnicity and religious intolerance that Major-General Aguiyi Ironsi introduced a unitary system of government in Nigeria in May 1966. Unfortunately, General Aguiyi was killed in July 1966 coup while implementing the principles and values of a unitary system of government. General Yakubu Gowon, who took over government from Aguiyi Ironsi, and later returned the country to a federal system of government. It was the disagreement between the former Military Governor of the Eastern region, Lt Colonel Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, and the former Head of State, General Gowon, coupled with issues surrounding the Kano riots, that led to the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 to 1970.

Conflict Theory in Sociology -- Definition and Overview

Consequently, the dialectics of resource control are critical to an understanding of the dilemma of the minorities in the oil producing communities in Nigeria. This is because resource control has been the basis of many of the unending conflicts in the region, especially in recent times. The agitation for resource control draws heavily on the structural deformities of the Nigerian state, which have constantly negated the aspirations of the oil-producing minority states in terms of sustainable development of the region (Ojakarotu, 2009, p. 6). The perception of the people within the host communities of the Niger Delta is that, rather than achieve development, oil production activities in the region has bedevilled the communities with environmental degradation, mass poverty, oppression, coupled with cases of human rights violations by government security agents in the region. In the argument of Oyefusi (2007), the absence of workable institutional and financial mechanisms to deal with the cases of ecological damage, and compensate the people of the region over the environmental damage caused by oil exploitation tend to have provided a basis for militancy and activism in the region over the years. The grievances of the Niger Delta people over the revenue allocation mechanism in the country allegedly prompted the renowned environmental activist, Ken Sarowiwa, to embark on a peaceful struggle for the emancipation of the Ogoni People from state-imposed poverty (Moro, 2009; p. 324). According to Ejibunu (2007; P. 7), in 1990, the Ogonis took an evaluation of their situation and came to a conclusion that despite the stupendous oil and gas wealth in their land that feeds the entire nation, the Ogoni people still unfortunately live in poverty and squalor. Unemployment and underemployment are running higher by the day, and worse still, Niger-Delta environment has been adversely affected by reckless oil exploitation, or ecological warfare being sponsored against the people by the transnational oil industries operating in the area. The Ogonis believe that their existence as a people is endangered by environmental degradation, political marginalization, economic strangulation and slavery, which the people of the region are being subjected to every day. Yet both the government and the MNOCs are yet to respond to the local peoples call for justice. It was towards this direction that Ojakaruotu (2009, p. 5), advocates that, this unprecedented response to the state of affairs in the region; generated the emergence of environmental rights activism by civil society groups. Some of the organisations fighting for the economic liberation of the Niger-Delta people include the Pan-Niger Delta Resistance Movement, the Environmental Rights Action (ERA), the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC); the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), the Movement for Reparation to Ogbia (MORETO) and the Movement for the Survival of the Ijo in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND). It is pertinent to mention that each group was formed with an inclination towards ethnic nationalism in order to liberate the people in the Niger-Delta region. Obi (2001, p. 87) describes the evolution of the politics of oil in the Niger-Delta as being a gradual process, where ethnic identity is transformed into a mobilizing element, not only for contesting access to state and oil power [...], but also a modality for organizing social forces into an alliance for resisting, alienating, extracting and excluding the Niger-Delta from the proceeds meant to alleviate the suffering of the people having been deprived of the use of their land and water to earn a living. Ethnic nationalism in the Niger-Delta has become one of the major problems in the region as many people under the disguise of fighting for the economic emancipation of the Niger-Delta people exploit the oil companies and federal government by demanding money that never gets to the hands of the downtrodden citizens in the Niger-Delta region.

Conflict theory states that conflicts breed in society ..

An approach to social theory that argues that society is characterized by various inequalities and conflicts that cause people to act socially, producing change.

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