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"Comrades," he said, "here is a point that must be settled.

They are in fact, just as natural as eating and drinking."(7-8)
Lack of privacy
loss of embarrassment
shift in behavior
beginning of self-awareness and "dehumanization"
The men are now forced to be mature and "man up" and because of everyone doing this, there is commonality...
on each other
each other
"Kropp divides a cigarette and hands me half.

However, some general conclusions can be made, which are presented in this chapter.

For , the one positive aspect of the war experience is that it forges extraordinarily strong bonds between soldiers. The men of the Second Company are comrades-in-arms, closer than family or even lovers. They have seen unspeakable horrors and endured unimaginable suffering together, experiences they will never be able to share with those who did not fight. The war creates sharp distinctions between soldiers and civilians, but it erases other distinctions. Class divisions, for example, are no longer significant: well-educated young men like Paul fight and die alongside peasants like .

I will sing you that song now, comrades.

Fix youreyes on that, comrades, throughout the short remainder of your lives!

The Round Table was illustrative of the Eternity of God, the equality, unity, and comradeship of the Order, and singleness of purpose of all the Knights.

Comradeship is such an intense bond that one would expect the death of one soldier to trigger a strong emotional reaction from the others. But grief is a luxury these battle-hardened soldiers cannot afford. Apart from brief outbursts of rage or sorrow, the men are unable to properly mourn their fallen friends. Paul becomes increasingly numb to these losses over the course of the novel, as he watches every single one of his friends die. Paul continues fighting after the death of his last and closest friend, , but he seems to have lost the will to survive. The novel’s final paragraph suggests that Paul accepts and even welcomes his own death.

Essay on comradeship - Detroit City Futbol

And among us animals let there be perfect unity,perfect comradeship in the struggle.

"Cabaret" explores some of the same kinky territory celebrated in Visconti's "." Both movies share the general idea that the rise of the Nazi party in Germany was accompanied by a rise in bisexuality, homosexuality, sadomasochism, and assorted other activities. Taken as a generalization about a national movement, this is certainly extreme oversimplification. But taken as one approach to the darker recesses of Nazism, it may come pretty close to the mark. The Nazi gimmicks like boots and leather and muscles and racial superiority and outdoor rallies and Aryan comradeship offered an array of machismo-for-rent that had (and has) a special appeal to some kinds of impotent people.

Had we gone into the trenches without this period of training most of us would certainly have gone mad. Only thus were we prepared for what awaited us. We did not break down, but adapted ourselves; our twenty years, which made many another thing so grievous, helped us in this. But by far the most important result was that it awakened in us a strong, practical sense of esprit de corps, which in the field developed into the finest thing that arose out of the war—comradeship.

A friendly feeling or disposition.Comradeship- a person who shares in one's activities, occupation, etc.
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All Quiet On The Western Front Comradeship essays

But by far the most important result was that it awakened in us a strong, practical sense of esprit de corps, which in the field developed into the finest thing that arose out of the war- comradeship."
What is the significance of comradeship and how does Kat's death affect Paul?
cont..Why is camaraderie needed?
War morphs Paul into a totally different person
Comradeship helps them survive
understand one another because they are going through the same journey
have to ability to empathize
share the same pain and loss
When Kat dies
Paul's world comes crashing down.
Comradeship in
All Quiet on the Western Front

"I know their every step and movement; I would recognize them at any distance".
Modesty promotes
during peacetime
not really a common
lack of privacy
during hard times
emphasizes unity
have a common

Friendship- a friendly relation or intimacy.

Comradeship Of War Essay Examples | Kibin

I do not think, comrades, that I shall be with you for many months
longer, and before I die, I feel it my duty to pass on to you such wisdom
as I have acquired.

Comradeship in All Quiet on the Western Front - Prezi

need to all give in a little bec-
ause everyone has unique and
special skills and talents.

Paul profoundly understands his comrades
knows them
relates to them
going through the same horrors
Commonality is what brings the soldiers so close.
Paul's comradeship with Kat
"We sit opposite one another, Kat and I, two soldiers in shabby coats,cooking a goose in the middle of the night.

Comradeship in All Quiet on the Western Front

Each tribe consisted of a group of kindred clans; every clan was made up of members of a "hayy" which was an encampment of tents; each tent represented a family.

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