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Frank Lloyd Wright with a model of the Guggenheim Museum, 1945 1

I will start by saying that anything that Frank Lloyd wright designed and created it truly amazing and he is one of my favorite designers. I have never been the Lakeland campus to see his works. Next time I pass by on the way to Tampa I know I will be doing a pit stop to see these in person! I think its really interesting how he studied the Florida weather and understood the light and heat issues when creating these buildings. You take so many things for granted and really miss some interesting and important things in these older buildings.
The way he used colored glass and cement to make a piece of art/building that changes as the sun moves across the sky and lets light in all at the same time. I am glad he chose to build this campus and hope to one day soon visit this amazing complex of buildings.
Frank Lloyd Wright was so ahead of his time when creating his buildings, from the shapes, to the materials used. It truly is great that these building are being preserved and kept for many generations ahead to see and understand how design has moved over time.

MAIN HOUSE | Frank Lloyd Wright The Millard House

I have not taken advantage of the opportunities I’ve had to visit this campus, when our children were looking at colleges. Although I know of its architectural Although I know of its architectural significance, I have not paid particular attention to it. Consequently, the photos provided in this blog were instrumental in telling the story that Frank Lloyd Wright wished to share through his architecture. Bryan mentioned his appreciation in the symbolic orange trees holding up the canopy to the walkway; I too love this! It reminds me of Gaudi’s columns at Guell Park in Barcelona, Spain.
I like some aspects of Wright’s style, and definitely agree with the concept of marrying the site and structure as one with nature. I like it best when architecture fits its location and looks like it belongs. I find it fascinating that such strong linear architecture looks peaceful in a campus setting; and am pleased that efforts to retain and preserve are in place and constantly improving to bring the actual features back to life.
The detailing of stained glass must be beautiful throughout the day as the light produces different patterns across the space. Thought put into such details across the campus have truly provided a treasure worth protecting!

Frank Lloyd Wright The Millard House - ..

Frank Llloyd Wright

Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright (1892-1972), an architect and one of the five children of the world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright certainly has an expansive, and very famous, architectural portfolio. His most notable works, such as Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum, are easily recognized by the general public. However his contribution to the state of Florida is virtually unrecognized, even to native Floridians! I am constantly surprised by all that is still unknown to me of my home state! Even after an internet search of Frank Lloyd Wright, only one website out of five mentioned Florida Southern College, and even then only stated “and several buildings for Florida State College.” Wow!
The pictures in this article really highlighted the way Wright was able to bring the outdoors in. He termed his style “organic architecture,” and focused on constructing buildings in harmony with humanity and nature. This is especially evident in the natural lighting present throughout the college. I noticed in my research that Frank Lloyd Wright preferred to build structures to fit the natural landscape, instead of altering the land to fit his needs as we so often do today. It seems he used cantilevering often, as a mechanism to add man-made constructions in irregular terrain without additional materials. Fallingwater, the home he built on a waterfall in Pennsylvania, is the perfect example of using cantilevers instead of support columns and such to capture the beauty of the natural landscape around the house. I see in this article that he built a cantilevered walkway for this college, probably to preserve the natural slope of the campus toward the lake.

BROADACRE CITY Frank Lloyd Wright and his vision for …

Twelve Ways of Looking at Frank Lloyd Wright

It is actually nice to see that this was built during the Great Depression because I am just thinking of all the jobs that that could have helped give out. I also liked how the students’ helped out in building; nothing says college pride like actually building your campus. I think my favorite part is that this campus has a Frank Lloyd Wright gift shop on their campus.
This article was really insightful and I am going to research this place more for my presentation, but thank you for doing this article and helping me get started.

When I read that this college was“20 year collaboration” I was kind of shocked; that is a long time. I know it is a ton of buildings, but still 20 years?! I was not surprised that Frank Lloyd Wright’s ego is the reason behind him designing the college because well we have made fun of his ego in class a few times.

About Frank Lloyd Wright | Frank Lloyd Wright …
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Fallingwater - house over waterfall, Frank Lloyd Wright

A few semesters ago I very much enjoyed doing a documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright for my History II class. I was truly amazed at all of his structures such as “Falling Waters”. Until I wrote my report, I did not know much of Frank Lloyd Wright, but after learning more of him and seeing his amazing works, his use of natural surroundings and his design concepts in general, I truly fell in love. I did not, however, touch much on Wright’s work at Florida Southern College in my paper. I am very delighted you did such a remarkable job in capturing all the beautiful elements Wright put into making Florida Southern College, simply breathtaking. I had not realized we had such a treasure in our own backyard. To have someone of Wrights magnitude design such a structure here in Florida is just awesome. It is the world’s largest single site collections of Wright’s work. I love that so many details were taken into consideration and how much effort and work was put into this 20 year collaboration with Wright and the College. Not long ago it was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service and the College wants to continue to preserve the remaining Wright structures on campus, enabling future generations the ability to enjoy this most breathtaking site. I will definitely have to make a trip to the campus in Lakeland one day soon. To be able to see such a site with my own eyes, would be exciting. Perhaps this will be a class trip again in the near future.

Wright In Alabama - Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House

I have to admit that I never knew who Frank Lloyd Wright was until I took the History of Interior Design 2 course. After that I fell in love with his designs and his use of natural surroundings. Fallingwater is my absolute favorite of all his designs. I love the way it blends into the landscape. It looks as if God put it there.
In my wildest dreams I never thought I would have an opportunity to witness his designs for myself and that is why I was so excited to read this article. Looking at the pictures makes me want to go there all the more. It is extremely hard to say which one is my favorite because all of them are exquisite. I love how he is so abstract and the overall product is so cohesive with the environment. The perfect example of this is the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. The building itself is very modern looking, but accentuates the surrounding areas through the use of squares for plants to grow and blend the area. I also love how he uses natural lighting through the use of what looks like glass arrow sky lighting. I could go on and on forever about all the details that he uses throughout these buildings and the landscape. It is almost overwhelming how beautiful it all really is.
Another thing that I adore about his creations is the way he brings the outside inside. I am very inspired by this and try to incorporate it in my own designs. I believe that not only is it beautiful, it is also peaceful and therapeutic. I hope someday soon to be able to go and see everything in person. Thank you for sharing this with us. It was truly inspirational.

Brief Biography of Frank Lloyd Wright

Most of my research relating to historic preservation and presentations given all relate to Frank Lloyd Wright and his astonishing work that has contributed to the design world in a major way. I am not surprised that I am commenting on his work once more. Though most of his work is concentrated further north of the United States, due to its flexibility and versatility, the fact that he designed a stunning college in the Sunshine State of Florida is not another surprising encounter. It is very unexpected to be reading in this article that Frank Lloyd Wright was on what seemed to be a downward slope of success and needed to make up for that with other extravagant designs and collaborations. His intent was to get a signature project that would boost his career back into orbit and I think he achieved this with a bonus. The fact that he achieved this in the midst of the Great Depression just shows how hard working and intent he was to get is flawless designs out and apply them to the Florida Southern College, even if it meant utilizing local and even student labor. I cannot wait for the day when Preservationists get their wishes and acquire adequate funds to restore Frank Lloyd Wright’s structures to their original beauty. I will like to take a tour very soon for myself and also when the campus gets restored just to see what the differences were and how the original Frank Lloyd Wright floor plans and designs changed. Great article, I enjoyed reading and visualizing your experience at Florida Southern College.

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