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Ny Bar Essay Predictions - Ny Bar Essay Predictions

After taking the New York (NY) bar exam in 2005, I put together this web site. I have been giving advice on the bar exam since then, and I have maintained a supplemental bar review since 2008 (although it becomes less and less supplemental with each passing year). For the past eight years, this site has ranked at the top of , and for advice on the UBE Bar Exam. In that time, I have spent a great deal of time analyzing the bar exam. For example, I have collected scoring information from over 4,000+ failing examinees and reviewed over 2,500+ examinee essays and 500+ examinee MPTs. This site now also ranks at the top of , and for advice on the UBE Bar Exam.

GK-Sportsplacement / July 2011 Ny Bar Exam Essay Topics

In the past eight years, I have spent more time analyzing the NY bar exam than any single person in the world. In that time, I have examined the scores from over 4,000 failing examinees and reviewed over 2,500 graded essays/MPTs. In the bar review off-season, I spend the bulk of my time researching and analyzing. Since 2005, I have spent over 15,000 hours researching the components of the bar exam. For example, over the years, I have collected over 25,000 outlines (if you want to send me yours, please send them to ) and purchased over 1,500 law books. For each lawbook/casebook/hornbook I acquire, I cut off the spine using an industrial paper cutter, scan the pages, and then OCR the resulting PDF in order to search the text. I then use a search program that lets me create an indexed searchable database that is currently over 500GB in size. I can essentially find/research anything related to the bar exam in a matter of seconds, whether it is the answer to an MBE question or some arcane legal principle. Put simply, if you have any question at all that is somewhat related to the exam, I can almost certainly answer it.

Ny bar exam essay predictions july 2012; Homework Academic S

Ny bar essay grading - greencountryinnhenryettacom

February California Bar Exam Essay Performance Test PaulLaw Books Hunter Exam Prep Hunter College High School Queens Manhattan New York City NYC

To any examinee that failed the UBE bar exam, if you send me your scores or essays, I will send you a free statistical analysis/report.

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Ny bar essay predictions

For example, I received scores from 300+ failing J15 examinees who had an average MBE score of 122 (versus the mean July scaled MBE of about 142). Their average final score was 614.6. If I convert their scores to the UBE by making their 5-essays worth 30% (instead of 40%), their MPT score worth 20% (instead of 10%) and their MBE score worth 50% (instead of 40%), then these 300+ examinees would have had an average final score of 610.6 on the UBE. This is a loss of 4 points by changing to the UBE format of scoring. Please keep in mind that this is not a perfect assessment, since MPT scores will be slightly more reliable through the answering of 2 MPTs (instead of basing the score on 1 MPT and doubling it). To cite another example, in looking at 2005-2006 NYBOLE data (this is the last time NYBOLE released comprehensive statistics on pass rates), in July 2005, Female Domestic-Educated Repeaters averaged 123.1 on the MBE while Female Foreign-Educated Repeaters averaged 118.9 on the MBE. In Feb 2006, Female Domestic-Educated Repeaters averaged 128.9 on the MBE while Female Foreign-Educated Repeaters averaged 123.2 on the MBE. Typically, the higher the MBE mean, the higher the pass rate. With the MBE carrying more weight on the UBE, the MBE’s negative effect on Foreign-Educated pass rates will be amplified. More so, the MPT will now be 20% of the score rather than 10%. The MPT is essentially a reading comprehension test where the examinees who can read and write fastest do the best. With the MPT carrying more weight on the UBE, the MPT’s negative effect on Foreign-Educated pass rates will likewise be amplified. To look at it another way, I received detailed score information from 99 examinees who sat for the Feb 2015 New York bar exam regarding their status as domestic or foreign educated. Of these 99 examinees, 39 examinees were domestic educated examinees (39.39% of the 99 examinees). These domestic educated examinees averaged 48.57 on the Essays, 49.54 on the MPT, 127.6 on the MBE, and 617.6 on the NYMC. They had an average final score of 634.2. Of these 99 examinees, 60 examinees were foreign educated examinees (60.61% of the 99 examinees). These foreign educated examinees averaged 45.95 on the Essays, 43.49 on the MPT, 119.6 on the MBE, and 629.8 on the NYMC. They had an average final score of 601.4. In looking at just the Essays (40%), MPT (10%) and MBE (40%), the domestic educated examinees scored 36.6 points more than the foreign educated examinees. The domestic educated examinees scored 11.8 points better on the Essays, 6.8 points better on the MPT and 16 points better on the MBE. This small sample supports the premise that domestic educated examinees do much better than foreign educated examinees on the MBE and MPT as opposed to the essays. In regards to the MPT, even though it is 10% of the grade, there is a 6.8 point difference. If I adjust these percentages to reflect the UBE percentages, then for the Essays (30%), MPT (20%) and MBE (50%), the domestic educated examinees will score 42.5 points more than the foreign educated examinees. This is a UBE exam bonus of 5.9 points in favor of domestic educated examinees.

In a March 2014 article entitled "" by J. Elizabeth Clark, an English professor at LaGuardia Community College who wrote that "[h]igh-stakes essay writing is about learning to game the system. Good test takers are just that: Students who learned the rules of the game, often through expensive test-prep courses that disadvantage poor and at-risk students. Those with greater access to coaches and materials and practice do better on the exam, but that does not mean they are better writers." This MEE/MPT comparison is an excellent way for examinees to learn "the rules of the game." Put simply, there is no other resource available that enables bar examinees to compare and contrast a wide range of graded MEEs/MPTs. Please use it to your advantage, especially if you do not have the time to practice many essays.

Multistate Essay Examination - NCBE
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Admissions - State Bar of California

MEE/MPT Analysis Report
I examine NY bar exam essays/MPTs using the same methodology as the score analysis. I strongly urge all failing examinees to order their essays from NY BOLE immediately after scores are released in order to review your essay and MPT answers. You disadvantage yourself if you do not order and review your essays because you will not know what mistakes to correct (e.g. did you miss obvious issues, was your writing style poor or careless, how did your answers compare to the released above average answers). In the past six years, I have sent to over 600+ examinees encompassing over 3,000 Essays/600 MPTs from the Feb 2010 - Feb 2017 exams. This 43 page analysis reports statistics such as words, characters, paragraphs, sentences, sentences per paragraph, words per sentence, characters per word, Flesch reading ease, and Flesch-Kincaid grade level. The analysis illustrates how your answers statistically differ from the released above average answers and other examinee essays. The essays/MPTs are examined against the released above average essays/MPTs and the essays/MPTs of other failing examinees and exemplar essays/MPTs. I also analyze word frequencies and report any useful data.


For style, examinees should modify their writing style to mimic the average style of examinees. For example, if the average examinee writes four sentences per paragraph, but you write six, you should focus on writing fewer sentences per paragraph. Examinees should mimic the average style of bar examinees to minimize any disruptions to the essay grader's reading or grading process.

Tips and advice for taking the UBE Bar Exam - MEE, MBE, and MPT

You will find the free score report very helpful in pinpointing your problem areas. As one examinee put it: “I have never had such a comprehensive analysis of my results. Even when I took the first bar review course and paid for a one on one tutor, everything pales compared to you.” As such, if you are interested in receiving this free analysis, please complete the following (or just the past grading sheets). If you ordered your essay/MPT answers, I can provide you with a free . For more information on the free score analysis report or essay analysis report is below. The more information you give me, the better advice I can give you about what to do on your next attempt. I have looked at many failing examinee scores and tracked their outcomes so I can probably give you some useful advice. All information submitted is treated confidentially.

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