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In addition, women also affected the military globally.

As German troops invaded Poland and the Soviet Union, they were followed by special military units, known as SS Einsatzgruppen (EG), whose task it was to annihilate anyone who might present a current or future threat to Germany. Totalling some 3,000 men, these extermination squads were in fact to murder Jews, gypsies and perceived opponents of the Hitler regime. EG daily reports were consolidated, marked ‘Top Secret’ and then distributed in about 100 mimeographed copies to higher echelons of the Nazi and military hierarchy. The reports often contained the date, time, place and name of the unit commanders responsible for the killings. One of our researchers searching the remains of the Foreign Ministry in Berlin stumbled upon a nearly complete set of the EG reports. They showed beyond doubt that, over a two-year period, the EG had systematically slaughtered over a million helpless men, women and children.

I chose this topic in order to get a full view on how women in the military are thought of.

For instance, how the context of the message is written, sometimes is not perceived the same way, specifically when the audience believes on the opposite view; therefore, by writing a specific persuasive argument...

Women in the Army: Free Persuasive Essay Samples and …

Although everyone is considered equal, history of women in the military proves different.

Closely related to assertions of national sovereignty and love of the land is the demand for self-determination. Almost all countries have many religious, cultural, political or ethnic minorities who feel that they are discriminated against. The reshuffling of national borders for the economic or political advantage of imperialist powers is certainly to be condemned and the United Nations program to obtain independence for colonial peoples has been singularly successful. Granting self-determination as a means of establishing peace among rival groups often proved counter-effective. The price of violent reconstruction of ancient homelands was paid, and continues to be paid, by countless innocent victims dispossessed or massacred in many parts of the world. There is nothing clean about what is today euphemistically termed "ethnic cleansing." Driving people out of their homes under threat of genocidal slaughter simply because they do not share the race, religion or political persuasion of their tormentors is a crime against humanity that must be stopped.

When it began to appear that the arguments advanced by opponents of the ICC would not be persuasive to most nations, a more belligerent tactic was adopted by Senator Helms and his Conservative friends. If persuasion wouldn’t work, they reasoned, try coercion. With Pentagon support, the assault against the Court advanced on several fronts: a) Legislation was introduced to prohibit and penalize any cooperation with the ICC; b) The Court would be further undermined by repudiating the US government’s signature on the Rome Treaty; c) All US funds that might aid the Court would be cut off; d) The US threatened to withdraw its forces from UN peacekeeping missions unless they were given absolute legal immunity from foreign prosecution; and e) A worldwide campaign was launched to obtain bilateral agreements to block all assistance to the ICC and guarantee that no Americans would ever be handed over to the international court.

Essay on Military Women Should NOT Be Allowed in …

I may be forced to join the military one day if a war breaks out and women are needed to protect the country....

Institutional measures that must still be completed are ably described by S. Ramo Rao, India's knowledgeable expert on UN legal matters. He analyses issues relating to financing the ICC, the formation and activities of the assembly of state parties that will supervise the court once it starts functioning, and the interim responsibilities of the preparatory commission that met in 1999 and will meet again this year to make recommendations on a number of outstanding matters. He identifies the progress over the years and outlines the major viewpoints expressed. His cautious conclusion is that the statute's viability "will lie in its application on the ground and . . . on the overall acceptability of the Court in the real world" (p. 420). Ambassador Tuiloma Neoni Slade of Samoa and the ebullient Professor Roger S. Clark of Rutgers University, who played an important role in his capacity as adviser to the Samoa delegation, present trenchant comments on the preeamble and final clauses, which deal with the settlement of disputes regarding the statute; the prohibition of reservations; procedures for amendments, accession, or "opting out"; and other transitional provisions.

It's in the long-term security interest of the United States to support this Tribunal, and to create it as quickly as possible. Because our reputation in the world is part of what we are losing by the stance we are now taking, by raising arguments which are not persuasive: about its constitutionality, and its threatening us for past deeds, and its hindrance of our humanitarian activities, and that our soldiers are threatened by this Tribunal. All those arguments are false arguments. Absolutely false. Here all these scholars have responded to each of those arguments in a book which just came out, sponsored by the Academy of Arts and Sciences. This is something which we should take up with the President as soon as the presidential elections are over and hope that at least he will sign the treaty for an international court.

The Military is counting on women to fill recruiting gaps because not enough men are enlisting in the military.
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Argumentative Essay About Women In The Military

Women currently represent fifteen percent of military personnel, and their presence is increasing among new recruits, up twenty-five percent in the A ir Force.

Military Conscription Persuasive Essay - 806 Words

The second part of my proposal is that the military should create separate facilities and ground units for the women in order to help prevent sexual harassment and assault, which are common issues in the military.

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Recent accusations of sexual misconduct against drill sergeants at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, and a separate case against Ser geant Major Gene McKinney of the US Army, have some people questioning whether integration of women in the military has been successful....

Persuasive Writing Prompts & Essay Topics

The general consensus among American historians is that the American War in Vietnam was a “mistake,” although interpretations differ as to what exactly this means. This essay takes the view that the ‘mistake” was a product of U.S. global ambitions and misperceptions that developed in the aftermath of World War II and were compounded over time. It probes deeply into the origins and nature of the war, making it a long article for a website (about 70,000 words), with about one-third devoted to the antiwar movement at home (Part IV). A half-century of excellent scholarship on the Vietnam War is drawn together and frequently cited in this essay.

Women S Right Persuasive Essay, Frederick Douglass Scholarsh

Regardless of the many substantial contributions women have made to the United States military from the American Revolutionary war to the contemporary Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it has long been a sanctuary of masculinity, which consequently, has resulted in the organization’s steadfast resistance against women’s direct martial participation.

Persuasive essay on women in combat

This project of Women's Leadership in the Military, had required several of Caffarella and Daffron (2013) model structures listed points in order to make their project work....

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