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The United States Should Switch to the Metric System One ..

First of all, the UK decided to adopt the metric system out of their own free will, and well before they joined the EU. The trouble with the EU government came about only because the conversion process went ahead rather slowly. And then, after all, a union always means compromise. You cannot expect to only benefit from a union and never give in. If the British never wanted to compromise on any of their traditional values, they would have better never joined the EU. And adopting a new system of measurement consequently means abolishment of the old system, otherwise we would not gain anything except even more confusion, right?

and affirmed America's metric system snub.

Right, we should not switch to metric - we should switch ! Because science, education and business have already and will profit more from the better system in the long run. Ask scientists, engineers, teachers! Don't ask those who consider our system of measurement an instrument of pride, while it's really only an instrument of measurement.

told a switch to the metric system was ..

theUnited States should fully convert to the metric system ..

And after all even these are dying standards based on outdated traditions. In the automotive industry (even U.S. companies), imperial parts are step by step replaced by metric parts. Will the plumbing or tire industries experience paradigm shifts in the future (and they will for sure, e.g. polymer plumbing), the new technology will be for sure to metric specifications. And — since imperial units are officially defined in terms of metric units, everything to imperial specification is automatically and inevitably to metric specification anyway.

is the right word. There are a few traditions which are very deeply established. While thousands of other things are measured in metric units, for example tires and pressure plumbing are manufactured to imperial specifications throughout Europe. In fact, you can buy plumbing supplies in Europe and they will fit here. But — the so-called inch pipe names are nominal numbers that do not reflect an actual size. There is nothing 1/2 inch about a half-inch pipe. In fact there are different standards for pipe sizes depending on whether it is water pipe, gas pipe, or electrical conduit. Half-inch water pipe is really 16 mm inside diameter and 18 mm outside diameter. Neither of these comes close to 1/2 inch.

Should Switch to the Metric System One ..

Switch to Metric System Essay.

No - we can't! First of all — the English units fail to cover enough of range for many modern measurements, like wavelength of light, mass of bloodcells etc., so metric units have to be used! Also there are many quantities that the English system does not cover , like electricity, magnetism, radiation!

I personally use this : Chef Pro FBM108A 8-Inch Tortilla and Flat Bread Maker. You can find it in Amazon and purchase it after you come to the United States.

Video embedded · Watch video · Could the United States finally adopt the metric system
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Europe's Metric System: Grams, Meters, Liters, …

First of all you are really arguing against yourself here. You can't say on onehand that the centimeter is less handy than the inch because it's smaller,so measurements result in larger numbers — and on the other hand turn thatsame vice into a virtue when the degree Fahrenheit being smaller than thedegree Celsius is handier because measurements are more accurate. Sure,smaller units allow more accurate measurements, and larger units smallernumbers, but this is not an exclusive quality of either system.

International System of Units - Wikipedia

As a side note, Werner von Braun, the father of NASA, loathed imperial/English units and never used them. He designed in metric and other engineers converted his units to non-metric to build the rockets. Also, Russians have ever since used metric and, as maybe few of us know, beat us in about every space milestone: First object in space, first animal in space, first man in space, first woman in space, first spacecraft on the moon, longest stay in space, etc. - except for the first man on the moon certainly. Actually, NASA finally is since 1991 required to use metric wherever possible, however this has obviously not been taken seriously enough, as NASA recently (Sept 1999) crashed a space probe due to metric/imperial conversion flaws. Since then, metric usage has been "re-assessed", but it might take a few more crashes until they will finally decide to completely switch to metric.

101 Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics | Ereading …

Now this is getting funny! You are complaining that metrication is undemocratic, and you are quoting a dictator (what could be more undemocratic)! You are protesting that metricators are forcing it on the U.S., and you are citing the establisher of the Continental System, a devastating trade war of continental Europe against British and U.S. goods, which literally ruined U.S. foreign trade!!!

Actually, Location Sharing in Relationships Is Bad

Better say: They can be made using English units! And they could be madeeven easier using metric units. In fact you should pay special tribute to ourscientists being able to build planes and spacecraft using such a convolutedsystem of measurement.

Home | Common Core State Standards Initiative

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