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Salinger's 'Catcher in the Rye'.

Sometimes it is calledto lead Bruno.
Car-seal hawk - A railroad policeman.
Casual - A person who has perhaps ridden only one train in life and has gotten away with it mainly because of luck rather than skill.
Catching or Caught the west bound - One who is dying or has died.
Catch out - Hop or jump on a freight train.
Cat house - A brothel, which is sometimes called a notch house.
Catter - A hobo who rides on platforms of cars, tenders of engines, and similar places.
Cat wagon - A brothel on wheels visiting the chaste villages of the middle west or following the harvest crews.
Catwalk - A plank walk on top of boxcars; sometimes called the deck from which comes the word deckorate.
Checker-board crew - A mixed gang of white and negro workers.
Cheese it - Put things away, hide.
Cheesy - To be filthy with dirt.
Cherry picker - A switchman, so called because of red lights on switch stands.
Chicken in the clay - Fowl rolled in mud for roasting.
Chronicker - An abbrevation of a “chronic hobo.”
Cinder cruncher - A switchman or flagman.
Cinder dick (1) - a railroad policeman or detective.
Cinder dick (2) - See: rail bull.
Cinder skipper - A yard clerk.
Cinder trail - The path the hobo or tramp walks.
Circuit rider - A drifter who has a steady income from Social Security of Veteran's benefits.

Catcher in the rye essays - Writing an Academic Term …

The indic language of the gypsies.
Roofers - A hobo who lay stretched out full length upon the metal roof of a passenger coach.
Roof walks - Wooden catwalks down the center of old boxcar roofs, used by 19th century brakeman to run from boxcar to boxcar in set and release hand brakes.
Romany rye - A person not a gypsy but who associated with gypsies, speaks their language.
Round house (1) - A round building with a turntable in the center for housing and switching locomotives.
Round house (2) - An area where “off-shift” locomotives are stored, inspected, repaired and refueled.

essay my essay w catcher in the rye symbolism essays Free ..

Symbolism in Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger) - Get Essays

His assistant is called a man catcher.
Shark (2) - A dishonest operator of a slave market.
Shatting on the uppers - To be broke, penniless or clean.
Sheets - Newspapers for a bed.
Shellacker - Booster or promoter who puts on the varnish.
Shifty - A thief.
Shine (1) - A black hobo, also known as a dingy.
Shine (2) - A Negro.

A danger to anyone walking along the track in a line or freight yard which catches a foot by wedging or movement of remote switch tracking when a train suddenly comes along.
Switch engine - See: billy goat.
Switching - The process of moving a car or train from one track to another, or assembling or reassembling the consist of a train.
Switch leader - A freight yard track which leads from one yard track to the next and connecting many tracks together at its switches.
Switchman - A freight yard worker who assists in assembling of trains and alignments of tracks as ordered.
Switch stand - A manual (hand-thrown) or automatic (power-thrown) mechanism located at the points end of a switch.

Symbolism in Catcher in the Rye ..

The Catcher In The Rye Phoniness Free Essays

Is also called an accommodation, or peddler.
Come-on guy - A fellow who boosts things along on the job, for which the boss gives him on the sly a little more pay.
Comet - Trailing behind another tramp or hobo, one who tries to catch up.
Con - A con is a tubercular person.

Most often, the money is used for alcohol.
Chase for the train - The act of running to catch or hop a train.
Chow - Now a common word meaning food.
Chronicking - Begging from private homes.
Chuck a dummy - To pretend a fainting fit.
Circus - a railroad, as in go join the circus.
City bum - a tramp who hangs out only in the city and never leaves it.
City Tramps - They don't carry with them food, but condiments, plastic utensils, paper napkins and plastic bags.
Claw - A clinker hook used by fireman.
Clear track - A special over other trains that push them onto sidings so the train pass without having to stop.
Clown - A switchman or yard brakeman.
Clown wagon - A caboose.
Club - Same as brake club.

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These are lamps for the jungle.
Bug slinger - A switchman or brakeman.
Buggy - A caboose; rarely applied to other cars.
Bull (1) - Special agent (railroad security person usually driving white American cars and trucks) in around railroad yard charged with security and with catching hoboes.

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The madam wants the neighbors to witness her generosity.
Extra - A regular freight train which runs as an extra train when sufficient overload business stakes up.
Extra gang - A crew that works on the railroad track.
Eye doctor - A panhandler who can catch the eye of his client and hold it without quailing.

job to be the Catcher in the Rye

Source: .
Manana - The Spanish for “tomorrow.” Means put it off and embodies the spirit of postponement.
Man-catcher - The shark's assistant who urges a job on the hobo - usually to fill a shipment of men.
Manifest - What the train is carrying.

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